How do you keep your pregnancy a secret?

How do you keep your pregnancy a secret?

How do you keep your pregnancy a secret?

01 June 2019

Hurrah, you’re pregnant! Congratulations!!
A special journey of nine months has started. In the first three months, you probably don’t want to yell the news from the rooftops just yet, until you are sure everything is going as it should. Those first three months can be pretty challenging, as you may experience morning sickness, your body will be changing in new and unexpected ways, and your moods may feel like a roller coaster track. We would like to share some tips on how to survive the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Positively POSITIVE!
From the moment you get a positive pregnancy test, your life becomes an adventure. Everything will be different from now on, which can be exciting as well as scary. Put all your fears aside and try to enjoy every moment - stress is not good for you and your baby anyway. Embrace the new life growing inside you and celebrate by throwing yourself into learning all about the upcoming changes.

Choose a friend wisely
If you don’t want to tell everyone yet but the news is bursting inside you to shout to the world, it can help to choose one or two trusted friends or family members so you will have someone to talk to about what is to come.

But how do I keep the secret when people start to guess?
Maybe you’re starting to show or your pants are getting a bit tight – remember you have no obligation to share what you’re not ready to share with the world. Refuse that glass of wine or skip a girls' night because you are too tired, it will all become clear soon enough why you may be acting out of character. Make a list with the perfect excuses so that you always have an answer ready. After you have announced the news you’ll probably hear a lot of "I knew it!", but everyone will understand.

Drinking for two?
If you go to a social function where you would normally have some alcohol and you’re nervous that all your friends will know, you can always recruit a partner in crime. This can be a friend or even the bartender. Alcohol-free drinks look the same as the ones with alcohol, you can probably sip grape juice or ginger ale all evening and nobody will be the wiser.

But how do I cover it up?
It won’t be long before your pants become tight or your dress doesn’t quite conceal a growing bump – not to mention the increase of size in your breasts. This is already happening in the first trimester.
Here are some fashion tips to hide “baby” until your announcement;

  1. Wear loose and oversized blouses Try to tuck in the front a bit for a more playful effect.
  2. Wear nice blazers or cardigans over a loose top.
  3. Emphasize your legs! Looser pants, high waisted skirts, and don’t underestimate the distraction of a
  4. Gorgeous pair of shoes.
  5. Scarves. So many scarves. Hang them across your neck so they dangle over your newly growing belly for an extra distraction effect.

Clothes to avoid:

  1. Anything that’s super oversized – especially if oversized isn’t your normal look, it will make people wonder.
  2. Tight clothes. Although you probably look smashing in them, they will give the game away before you do.
  3. Try to avoid giving the impression something has changed as much as possible. Work within your wardrobe and spend some time in front of the mirror figuring out what works best from what you have rather than shopping with hiding your bump in mind.

Listen carefully to your body
Try to sleep well, eat healthy and avoid stress. You are preparing for one of the most intense times of your life, you will want to make sure you are in top shape for the months to come.

You're the boss
No matter what anyone else may say – you are in charge of this ride. You can tell who you want, dress how you want, and eat what you want (pickles and ice cream, already?). Be judgement free and do what makes you happy, and healthy. What’s best for Mom is what’s best for Baby!